Don’t have time to mess around at the Wine Shop? We offer three ways you can get ahead.

Trust Your Drinking to Us

Pre-set 6- or 12-pack boxes, a distribution of current Wineshop favourites in one of two levels of fanciness. Guaranteed to provide a solution for your painful guest situation. Also, affords you the security of blaming US . . . “Oh, I leave all of that to my wine merchant. . . .” See how nice that feels? Pre-pay, pick up whenever you like (or have us deliver).

Let’s Make a Case

Answer a short set of questions, we assemble your wine, and send you an invoice.

Special Orders, Special problems

Have a request for a particular wine you had in 1972 on your last trip to Mongolia (please, no), or something else—hopefully more attainable—facing down a particular event, looking for a certain amount of something? Send a note here, and we get to work on it.

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