We are departing from the assumption that all wines are DRY. If you like anything at all different, add that to the “comments” at the end. Also, that’s a good place to request multiples of the same thing, if you’re serving a bunch of people at once, or to express any particular fears or aspirations. (My mother-in-law HATES the words Pinot Grigio, no matter how good the wine; I want to be president; I can’t stand French waiters, so no French wine, etc.)

1. Your desired distribution of wines - totaling 12 or more





2. General range of price you would like these to fall within, per bottle

- ish

3. Click the box with any characteristics you would enjoy

Red Wines

Light, fresh, chillableMidweight country wines, little or no oakSpicier, more new world in style, some fruitBig, deep and gently dangerous

White Wines

Light, zingy, quaffable, thirst quenchingA bit deeper, more mineral or aromatic, still pretty zestyLush, fuller bodied, still not necessarily oakyRound, deep, broad or buttery, likely with oak barrel aging

Pink Wines - remember, these are still DRY until you say otherwise (even though they’re pink)

Pale and Provençal in style, lighter, cocktails or saladRicher and deeper: rose to drink with dinner (even steak)

Fizzy Wines - STILLL DRY, so don’t worry

Clear, fresh and snappyToasty/champagney

This is where you add any special directions or caveats, which we will happily fulfill to the degree they accord with the rules of the known universe. (No fair doing the "In about . . . 1972, I had a bottle of Chateau Lafitte something, it was good, you have anything like that for about 10 bucks" thing, or I lose the rest of my hair.)

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