Need wine (or something else) in these curious times? We offer two ways to get you the goods. You can request 3 bottles or more through Let’s Make a Case.  Something else in mind or you want wine pre-ordered?  You can contact us in Very Special Orders below. You can add CHEESE, BEER and GROCERIES (click here to see current availability) by adding them to the comments section of your order. If you just want groceries, send us your list in Very Special Orders below. After your order is received, we send you an invoice to pay on-line.

Pick up is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 2-5:30 at the shop. Or for $7 we will deliver Wednesday afternoons anywhere in the greater peninsula area. If you can order the day before you want your goods, it is super helpful (but we’ll do our best to fill same day orders if they come in before noon!). In your order, just let us know which afternoon you aim to pick up Tuesday-Friday

If you have placed an order but don’t see a confirmation email immediately, look in your junk mail.

Not on our mailing list already and plan to keep ordering? PLEASE ADD YOURSELF (hit the yellow subscribe button at the bottom of the page). We send an email every Monday with updates to our offerings/services, super helpful as what we do seems to change every week!!!

If you have questions, you can reach us at

Let’s Make a Case (3 bottles or more)

Our customized wine-concierge service: answer a few questions online as to your drinking proclivities and we will put together your wine order and whatever grocery items you want and send you an invoice to pay on-line.

Very Special Orders

Have an unusual request, specific wine you want ordered, questions, or simply need groceries? Send us an email and we will get to work on it. Make sure to let us know if you want this delivered (name, address, phone #)

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We deliver on Wednesday afternoons for a $7 fee.

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(If your street address is unreliable on Google Maps, give us some landmarks and let us know where to leave the wine. Also, if Wednesday won't work, let us know below and we can try to make other arrangements. If necessary, we can get your box onto the Fairwinds Florist truck.)

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