Note on our procedures: we are strictly sanitizing our work area and then, with gloves and mask, cutting entire wheels of cheese into 1/2ish pound pieces and wrapping them. We can not custom cut cheese, but know what you are receiving is super clean! Jot down what you'd like and add it to the comments box. We will do our best to pick just the right thing

Cheeses of the moment (these will change weekly): Coastal Cheddar, Parmesan, Pecorino Crotonese (for eating & grating), Delice de Bourgogne (triple cream, cow), Fourme d’Ambert (blue, semi soft), Stilton (blue, crumbly), D’Affinois (brie-style cow), individual Camembert, Guntensberg (nutty, alpine), Gruyere, Morbier, Bulgarian Feta, Taleggio, Manchego, Chebris (Basque sheep goat) and assorted soft individual cheeses from our favorite producer in Vermont. They are all fantastic and we want to support her!

Meats: pate mousse, pate de campagne, pancetta, sopressata, chorizo, iberico salami, cured sausages from “A Small Good” in Rockland (these are transportingly delicious, next best thing since we can’t go to Italy)

Olives:  Castelvetrano (the big green ones) in pint jars & oil cured black olives in tins

Eggs: from local farms, WE HAVE LOTS and they appreciate the business

Butter: cultured from Vermont, salted and unsalted

Dry Goods: Olive oils (3 liter organic EVOO for everyday cooking, nice smaller Umbrian bottles for drizzling), grape seed oil, vinegars (MANY  types, just ask) whole grain & dijon mustard, anchovies, sardines, tinned Italian tuna, cornichons, capers, dried porcini, San Marzano tomatoes, tomato paste, best ever ketchup, harissa, tapenade, marinated artichoke hearts, jams and marmalades, saffron, Maldon salt, crackers: (water crackers, wheat crackers, flat breads, etc) Lucy’s granola (all flavors), Maine honey & Sicilian lemon blossom honey.

arborio rice, paella rice, A MYRIAD OF PASTA SHAPES and gluten free pasta, polenta, farro, couscous

Asian: Thai curry paste, coconut milk, bean thread noodles, soba and somen noodles, shoyu sauce, ponzu, chili garlic paste, rice wine vinegar, umeboshi vinegar

Coffee/Tea: 1lb bags ground or whole bean of LaColombe Nizza (medium roast) or Corsica (dark roast

A full range of black, green, and herbal tea. Just indicate whether you want a large or small bag and describe what you like.

Beer: Specify type and/or brewery and quantity you’d like and we’ll get as close as we can! We feature primarily MAINE breweries including, Foundation, Maine Beer Co., Banded Horn, Mast Landing and Ellsworth’s Own, Fogtown! We often have imports of traditional Euro beers such as Saisons, Trappist style Belgian ales, Helles lagers etc

Cider: Fresher, Apple-ier New England style in Cans, And More Rugged and drier/funkier/earthier styles from Maine, Northern France and Northern Spain.