Note on our procedures: we are strictly sanitizing ourselves and our work area and cutting entire wheels of cheese into substantial (1/2#-2/3#) pieces and wrapping them. We don't custom cut cheese, but know what you are receiving is super clean! Jot down what you'd like and add it to the comments box. We will do our best to pick just the right thing. JARS: 16oz jars and plastic containers from the Wine Shop (mozzarella, olives) we would gladly have back!

Organic staples in house: 2# heirloom apples (Grey Permain, Cox Orange Pippin, Reine de Reinette), 2# fingerling potatoes, delicata squash (approx 1# each), 3# onions, 1/3# ginger,  1# Heiwa tofu, Tortillas from Pachanga made with Maine grown heritage corn: yellow, white (12pk), and blue (8pk) varieties. LOCAL eggs are BACK


Perfectly Ripe, totally excellent! Camembert (double cream, cow’s milk, Isle de France) $14 large rounds
Raclette (cow’s milk, washed rind, classic melting cheese, Switzerland) 18/#
Brebris (sheep’s milk, semi-soft, tangy and utterly delicious, Pays Basque) $22/#
Ur Eiche (raw cow’s milk, nutty, oak washed, deeply flavourful, Switzerland) $20/#
Tomme de Savoie (raw cow’s milk, semi soft, earthy rind, superlative iteration of a classic) $18/#
Fleur Verte (goat’s milk, rich chevre with tarragon and rose pepper, gorgeous & tasty, Perigord) $22/#

And other ongoing options:
Coastal Cheddar (aged, nice crystals! cow’s milk, Dorset UK) $13/#
Parmigiano Reggiano (cow’s milk aged 3-years, Parma) $20/#
Pecorino Romano (aged, sheep’s milk, Sardinia) $12#
Pecorino Crotonese (sheep’s milk, nutty, aged, not too salty, Calabria) $17/#
Delice de Bourgogne (soft, triple cream, cow’s milk, Burgundy) $18.50/#
Brie Pommier (double cream, cow’s milk, Isle de France, not your supermarket Brie!!!!) $20/#
Kaltbach Le Cremeux (semi soft, cow’s milk, rich and crowd pleasing, Switzerland) $19/#
Bergkase (semi soft, cow’s milk, washed rind, rustic & delightfully smelly, Switzerland) $19/#
Taleggio (soft, cow’s milk, washed rind, mild creamy cheese, pungent orange rind) $17/#
Pinchin Toma (semi soft, raw cow’s milk, gently tangy and delicious, Piemonte) $18/#
Gruyere (raw cow’s milk, 2-year cave aged, Switzerland) $20/#
Guntensberg (raw cow’s milk, nutty, deeply flavorful, Switzerland) $20.50/#
Stilton (crumbly blue, Dorset UK) $18/#
1924 Blue (semi-soft blue, sheep/cow, like old-school Roquefort, Auvergne) $19/#
Gorgonzola Dolce (cow’s milk, soft spreadable blue, Lombardy) $19/#
Feta (sheep’s milk, Bulgaria) $8/#
Manchego (aged, raw sheep’s milk, La Mancha) $18/#
Sheep Gouda (aged, sheep’s milk, rich and nuanced, nice crystals, Netherlands) $20/#
Fresh Mozzarella (cow’s milk, CT) $10/#
Marinated goat cheese (in EVOO and herbs, from Meredith Dairy, AU) $13/11oz jar
Fresh whole milk RICOTTA (excellent & creamy, Vermont) $5.50/16oz container

Individual Loire-style soft goat cheeses from Lazy Lady; These are elegant!! approx. $10 ea
Oma (gently soft and smelly, washed rind, cow’s milk from Von Trapp Dairy) $22/#
Willoughby (cow’s milk beer-washed rind, a yet riper version of Von Trapp Oma) $14 large rounds

Meats: pate mousse, pate de campagne, pancetta, sopressata, chorizo, iberico salami, fennel salami

Frozen Meats:
ground pork (1#), bacon (1#), thick pork chops, (2-pk)  bone-in country ribs (1#) from Goose River Farm,
chicken: whole chickens (4-5#s) from Milkweed Farm,  bone-in thighs (1.5#) from Commonwealth

Crackers: water crackers, wheat crackers, olive oil/sea salt flat breads, toketti di pane (little crisps from Sardinia) fruit/nut crips for soft cheese, gluten free crackers

Olives: mixed Provencal, Castelvetrano & pitted, herbed, oil cured black olives (all in 16oz jars)

Butter: super delicious cultured Vermont Ploughgate, or everyday tasty Casco Bay organic (both types 1/2#, salted & unsalted)

Oils, all EVOO: organic 3-liter Moroccan ($30), Merula Spanish 500ml ($12.50) Olivier French 500ml ($15),  Iliades Kalamata Greek 750ml ($15), organic Moulins Mahjoub Tunisian 1-liter ($19) grapeseed oil 1L ($11.50)

Vinegars:  white, red, rose wine vinegars, balsamic (simple, medium and fancy), sherry vinegar, Spanish garnacha vinegar (delicious cross between red wine and sherry style), Japanese brown rice vinegar (two types: simple and fancy), Japanese Umeboshi plum vinegar, Maine cider vinegar, tomato vinegar from Italy

Condiments: mustard: whole grain, walnut, green peppercorn & dijon, anchovies, cornichons, capers (in vinegar and salt-packed), CAPERBERRIES, dried porcini,  tomato paste, best ever ketchup, harissa, black olive paste, saffron, Maldon salt, Tutto Calabria hot spread sauces, Chase’s daily hot sauces, Valentina hot sauce, sambal oelek, Maine honey, Sicilian lemon blossom honey, jam (many kinds), marmalade, elder flower syrup, Amarena cherries (for cocktails and ice cream), cranberry-orange chutney, preserved lemons (jar of 2), tahini (single sourced, excellent)

Dry Goods: Lucy’s Granola (all flavors), 1 kilo 00 flour for making pasta and pizza, 5# & 10# bags King Arthur Sir Galahad flour (perfect for bread and general baking), arborio rice, paella rice, basmati rice, sushi rice, polenta, farro, Moroccan couscous, organic French lentils, organic red lentils (for dal), BLANXART dark chocolate bars

Canned Goods: chick peas, black beans, cannellini beans, San Marzano tomatoes, shakshuka, sardines, Italian tuna, Spanish wild-caught anchovies, roasted red peppers, caponata, small jars of artichoke hearts in olive oil (fancy treat!) and artichoke hearts in brine (also tasty) PASTA SAUCES: Terborba – lemon, olive, artichoke, Alla Norma – eggplant/tomato (for 2), basil pesto (for 4), tomato/tuna/caper sauce (for 2), Arrabiata – spicy tomato (for 2), cherry tomato sauce (for 2), Passatta – simple tomato sauce (for 4).

Pasta:  long shapes, tubes, spirals, squid ink, flat egg noodles, gluten free pasta, we have lots of lovely choices, tell us what you’re making, what you like, or we can choose for you

Asian: Thai curry paste, coconut milk, bean thread noodles, soba noodles, somen noodles (for ramen) sushi rice, brown rice miso, shoyu (soy) sauce, ponzu, umboshi plums, rice vinegar, umeboshi vinegar, sesame oil, chili garlic paste, sambal oelek, shaoxing cooking wine, 1# Heiwa Tofu, Red Boat fish sauce

Coffee/Tea: let us know if you want it ground and how
La Colombe: 1# Nizza (medium roast) or Corsica (dark roast)
Bucklyn Coffee: 3/4# Ethiopia (light/medium roast), Gunslinger (medium roast) or Brooklin’s Finest (dark roast)
We have a wide range of black, green, and herbal tea (link to full list) or you can describe what you like and indicate whether you want a large or small bag.

Beer: Specify type and/or brewery and quantity you’d like and we’ll get as close as we can! We feature primarily MAINE breweries including, Foundation, Maine Beer Co., Orono Brewing Co., Liquid Riot, Oxbow,  Mast Landing and Ellsworth’s Own, Fogtown! We often have imports of traditional Euro beers such as Saisons, Trappist style Belgian ales, Helles lagers etc.

Cider: Fresher, Apple-ier New England style in Cans, And More Rugged and drier/funkier/earthier styles from Maine, Northern France and Northern Spain.