Rules of the Game
We are departing from the assumption that all wines are DRY, you won’t need to specify that.

There is a “comments” section at the end. This is where you can express any particular aspirations or concerns. For example, maybe you love Austrian wine or your mother-in-law who is refuging with you HATES the word Chardonnay, no matter how good the wine. Or maybe you would like something a little fruitier than bone dry

Also, the “comments” section provides a good place to request multiples of the same thing and where you can add GROCERIES to your box. You can also add sherry, port, sake, and dessert wine. Please let us know which day, Mon-Fri, you aim to pick up.

    1. Your desired distribution of wines - totaling 3 or more





    2. General range of price you would like these to fall within, per bottle

    $ - $ ish

    3. Click the box with any characteristics you would enjoy

    Red Wines

    Light, fresh, chillableMidweight country wines, little or no oakSpicier, more new world in style, some fruitBig, deep and gently dangerous

    White Wines

    Light, zingy, quaffable, thirst quenchingA bit deeper, more mineral or aromatic, still pretty zestyLush, fuller bodied, still not necessarily oakyRound, deep, broad or buttery, likely with oak barrel aging

    Pink Wines - remember, these are still DRY until you say otherwise (even though they’re pink)

    Pale and Provençal in style, lighter, cocktails or saladRicher and deeper: rose to drink with dinner (even steak)

    Fizzy Wines - STILLL DRY, so don’t worry

    Clear, fresh and snappyToasty/champagney

    This is where you add any special directions or caveats. Also let us know if you’d like cheese or other things on the grocery list.

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    Pick up or Delivery?

    We deliver Thursday (greater Peninsula+Deer Isle/Stonington, Castine) for a $12 fee

    Choose a day to pick up your order

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    Special Instructions

    (If your street address is unreliable on Google Maps, give us some landmarks and let us know where to leave the wine. Also, if Wednesday won't work, let us know below and we can try to make other arrangements. If necessary, we can get your box onto the Fairwinds Florist truck.)

    We, unlike Facebook, will never share your information with anyone!